Our beliefs

We believe that selecting an arbitrator is a crucial step in international arbitration and want to improve the efficiency and transparency in the arbitration selection process. We believe that such services should free and open to the public, in particular having access to the right tools and information in order to select the right arbitrator. Furthermore we believe that such a service should be accessible to all members of the international arbitration profession.

What we do

FindArbitrators.com is a free and open directory of international arbitrator profiles.

Our service helps clients

  1. Find and select an international arbitrators that
    • are fluent in the language of the arbitration,
    • are knowledgeable of the substantive law at issue,
    • have experience with the international arbitration rules.

Our service helps arbitrators

  1. Increase visibility at the start of the arbitration selection process.
  2. Drive traffic to their online professional profile, e.g. on your company website or LinkedIn.

What makes us different

Unlike most company websites, LinkedIn or paid services, FindArbitrators.com

  1. Provides a quick and efficient way to search for arbitrators.
  2. Links to your existing online public profile.
  3. Is limited to international arbitrators only.
  4. Creating an arbitrator profile is free of charge and takes only 1 minute.
  5. Arbitrator profiles are curated.
  6. Is accessible to the public instead of a few individuals.